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At Atlanta Air Experts, we know the importance of indoor air sanitization. With years of experience and a team of educated technicians, it’s our goal to improve the air quality of indoor air environments and provide quality facility and office disinfection services, commercial air duct cleaning, and HVAC UV light installation to assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospice care facilities in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning for nursing homes in Roswell, GA

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning For Hospice And Nursing Homes

Air duct cleaning is absolutely crucial for assisted living facilities and hospice care facilities. With individuals that are at high risk, indoor air environments need to be clean and safe for patients. The only way to ensure optimal air duct cleaning is by hiring a professional duct cleaning company. At Atlanta Air Experts, we specialize in industrial duct cleaning that gets rid of contaminants that linger in air environments such as mold, mildew, allergens, viruses, and more! With the recent global pandemic, the need for professional air duct cleaning is more prominent now than ever. The CDC recommends a few tips to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and improve ventilation for patients. Amongst the most popular methods is air filtration and air duct cleaning, which is why we work with the highest attention to detail to improve airflow and remove harmful germs and viruses.

Commercial HVAC UV Lights

HVAC light purification kills organic growth of viruses, mold, and bacteria that can get stuck in your coils and create an unsanitary indoor air environment for nursing home residents. Utilizing ultraviolet light to kill diseases, HVAC lightingis also believed to kill harmful viruses such as COVID-19. Combined with duct cleaning, HVAC UV lighting helps improve your air environment.

Office Disinfection in Nursing Homes

The New Standard In Building Sanitation

With outbreaks such as Coronavirus other threatening diseases that can compromise the safety of at-risk individuals, nursing home facility and office disinfection is more prominent now than ever before. Serving nursing homes in Roswell, Alpharetta, Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas, our clients trust our professional team for all their disinfection needs.

Electrostatic disinfection combines science and potent solutions to disinfect hard-to-reach surfaces. Electrostatic disinfection services include the use of special electrostatic tools and industrial strength cleaning solutions that should be handled by a professional for optimal results.

We also recommend our disinfection services are combined with HVAC duct cleaning and the installation of HVAC lighting. We provide UV germicidal lights that are known by the CDC to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and kills harmful germs and viruses that can contaminate nursing homes and other facilities with at-risk individuals.

Nursing Home Commercial Disinfection Services in Alpharetta

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