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Indoor air pollution is as much as an issue as outdoor air pollution. You may not know it, but there could be allergens, viruses, and other bacteria lingering in your clinic’s air environment. By taking the steps necessary to clean and sanitize your medical office, you can significantly improve your business’s indoor air quality.
At Atlanta Air Experts, we combat air pollution with office disinfection and professional duct cleaning services. Serving clinics and medical centers in Roswell, Alpharetta, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas, we have a reputation for providing clinics in the Atlanta Metro area with professional cleaning services that kill germs and allergens at the source.

Offering air duct and HVAC cleaning services for dentists, pediatricians, and cosmetic surgery centers in and around Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Roswell, GA.

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HVAC Duct Cleaning For Medical Offices

Professional air duct cleaning is the best way to clean your air environment and promote clean breathing air for your employees and clients. Duct cleaning not only improves your air but also ensures that your HVAC unit is running at full capacity. This can ultimately lower your energy bill and provide better breathing air for you, your employees, and your patients. At Atlanta Air Experts, not only do we provide professional air duct cleaning services, but we clean HVAC coils at the source with HVAC UV light treatments. HVAC UV lights kill organic growth such as mold and bacteria that can get trapped in your air conditioning unit. By breaking down viruses at the source, HVAC UV lights help you promote a safer and more sanitary indoor air environment that meets safety standards and promotes a cleaner indoor environment that your clients deserve.

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We assist medical offices and practices with effective and safe office disinfection services. Utilizing the most recent and up-to-date methods for medical office disinfection, we use treatments and cleaning methods such as UV germicidal lighting and electrostatic disinfection services to ensure that surfaces are contaminant free and safe for your patients. UV germicidal lights kill germs and viruses with ultraviolet rays that disrupt DNA base pairing which inactivates bacteria and other harmful viruses.

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On the other hand, our electrostatic disinfection services utilize electrically charged solvents that are safe for office disinfection and effective for getting rid of germs, allergens, and other viruses that can compromise the health and safety of patients.

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