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Do I really need Air Duct and Vent Cleaning in the Atlanta Metro?

The most common problems caused by dirty vents and ducts around Atlanta Metro

It may surprise you, but the cleanliness of your home’s ventilation systems, such as HVAC ducts and dryer vents, matters quite a bit. By keeping your ducts and vents clean and clear, you can avoid any number of problems related to health, mechanical issues, energy use, even pest control and fire prevention. Here are five specific problems which can arise from dirty ventilation systems – issues you can avoid quite easily with regular cleaning:

1) Low indoor air quality

An obvious problem but one which is perhaps more serious than you realize. Bad air quality damages electronics, people, pets, and furniture in equal measure. Whether it’s allergies flaring up, computers and HVAC systems failing years before they should, or any of a host of other problems, they all stem from bad air quality – which in turn stems from dirty ventilation systems.

2) Mechanical failure

Your ventilation systems exist for a reason. For ducts on your HVAC system, the purpose is obvious – carrying warm and cold air where it needs to go. A blockage can force the system to work harder, killing it at a young age. But other ventilation problems are just as hazardous. A blocked dryer vent can allow excess moisture to accumulate in and around the delicate parts of your dryer, ultimately destroying the heating coil or electronics and rendering your dryer useless.

3) Fire hazard

Lots of heat combined with lots of dust is an obvious threat to your home. While your ducts may not be the biggest threat in the world, a house fire is a catastrophic event – it’s best to take every precaution possible to avoid one.

4) Pests

Moisture and debris built up in dirty ventilation ducts can bring in any number of pests, as easily and quickly as leaving food out on the counters. If you don’t want to share your home with things that skitter and chitter, avoid allowing your vents and ducts to become filthy.

5) Mold and mildew

Pests aren’t the only living things that thrive on moisture and warmth. Your dirty vents can just as easily give rise to mold and mildews that will eat away at your home, worsen air quality, and create any number of other problems.

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