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Reasons For Mold In Your Home

5 problems that can lead to mold growth in your home

Mold can destroy your home and your health in very little time should you let it get out of hand—and all it needs is a bit of time and moisture to become a problem. To make sure you protect your home against this unwelcome guest, we suggest watching for these five source problems:
1) Roofing issues. Missing shingles or tiles, inadequate drainage, and a host of other roofing issues can contribute to moisture in your home and the growth of mold. This can be truly disastrous, as a mold infestation in your roof deck can undermine the entire structure and necessitate a complete replacement.
2) Leaky pipes. Another obvious source of trouble, even a tiny leak can give mold enough to live on. You don’t need leaks that cause noticeable water damage or standing pools to increase the humidity in an area enough to sustain mold growth—at that point, you really WILL start seeing some damage. So check for leaky pipes, and correct even tiny issues as quickly as you can.
3) Dirty or inadequate ventilation. Your home comes with a set of vents and fans meant to keep moisture from accumulating in the likeliest places—in the kitchen, in the bathrooms, from the dryer, etc., but any of the paths used for venting these high-moisture areas can become narrowed or blocked entirely by debris.
4) Excessive humidity. Sometimes, your home is simply too humid—maybe you try to save on heating and cooling and thus aren’t running a heater or air conditioner, either of which would help. Maybe you don’t have enough vents in your home, or you seal up too tight during excessively cold or warm weather. Whatever the cause, there are solutions such as moisture-wicking tubs and dehumidifiers.
5) HVAC problems. If your HVAC system is dirty or malfunctioning, it can contribute directly to the accumulation of moisture in your home, which will, in turn, give mold the foothold it needs to grow. Make sure your system is clean and in working order and clean out your ducts from time to time.
If you’re worried about mold growth after discovering one of these issues, an air and mold test in Atlanta can be performed by Atlanta Air Experts at your request. If there’s a problem to address, we can help with water removal and mold remediation as well. Call us today.