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Improve air quality by cleaning commercial HVAC units in Atlanta metro

Improve indoor air quality using HVAC services

Did you know that the improved health of your employees will lead to lower insurance costs for your organization? Often staff will develop coughs and colds, which can spread illness that will lower the productivity of your company. If you look closely at the function of your HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) system, you will reap benefits from improving its air quality.

How can you get improved air quality using HVAC systems?

1. You could make use of natural ventilation to moderate temperatures. One benefit of natural ventilation is that you will reduce the number of contaminants indoors. However, in cities such as Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Dunwoody, Duluth or Marietta, the conditions can be unfavorable during winter. A clean and well-maintained HVAC system ensures you have improved indoor air quality when you need it most.

2. Also, you could install well-maintained air conditioning systems. These will drastically improve indoor air quality. Air purification system within the HVAC system can purify outdoor air to reduce contaminants entering the office space. Remember, the effectiveness of an HVAC system remains in long-term performance. Always ensure it is properly maintained to avoid ineffective circulation of air.

What benefits will you reap?

1. A well-maintained air circulation system means that the air in the building will be fresh even when it’s hot outside. A well-designed system will do more than pump hot and cold air – it maintains consistent room temperature, promoting good air quality.

2. When a system is well maintained and clean, it will protect you from harmful contaminants in the air. HVAC systems
have indoor air solutions that will prevent untreated air from entering your space.

3. A regularly serviced air conditioning unit will reduce the risk that your air supply system will not develop mold. Spread of mold and bacteria, can result in harmful infections. Do not neglect your HVAC maintenance. You never know what dangerous mildew or mold is growing there.

At Atlanta Air Experts, we offer services such as HVAC cleaning, vent cleaning, and mold mitigation. If you have noticed the air quality in your office or home is below standard, contact us today to book an appointment with us.