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What you need to know about heated garages and basements

Many people have spaces other than the main living areas of their Atlanta home that they’d like to heat during the winter. For instance, if you have a garage that’s attached to your home, you may be considering whether or not to heat it. Unfortunately, heating a garage can be a bit more complex than simply directing the ducts of your HVAC system to it. That’s because garages tend to be quite drafty, which makes this type of heating system more inefficient in a garage space.

Many people who choose to heat their garage use radiant heat to do it. The concrete of a garage floor makes an exceptionally good conductor for this form of heating. However, other options are available, but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind no matter what type of heating system you use for your garage.

A heated garage needs to be well insulated

In order to keep your garage warm, you’ll need to include plenty of insulation on the door and walls of it, which can help to significantly reduce heat loss to the outside environment.

Reduce the amount of space that surrounds your garage door

The primary reason why garages tend to be drafty is that there’s often quite a bit of space around the garage door. If possible, you should choose a door that has a minimal amount of space between the door and the walls, ceiling, and floor of your garage.

What about heated basements?

If you have a finished basement, getting it heated is a must. Luckily, basements are often far less drafty than a garage. In fact, a well-insulated basement can actually be quite easy to heat, and you can use the ducts of your HVAC system in order to do it.

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