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Fall Air Duct Cleaning Atlanta

Scary spores: 3 reasons why you should clean your vents this fall

Halloween isn’t the only scary thing about autumn – there’s a far more insidious monster lurking in your neighborhood.

It’s called mold, and it’s hiding in the most inconspicuous place imaginable: your own air ducts.

The fall and early winter seasons in Atlanta can aggravate mold growth, with precipitation fueling the spread of these spores. Like microscopic vampires, mold grows in dark and damp areas. This is why it’s important to have your ducts inspected and cleaned before winter rolls along.

Moisture in air ducts

When there is moisture in the ventilation, mold starts growing and growing like that carnivorous plant in “Little Pet Shop Of Horrors.”

The hot air that flows into the ducts during the summer can condense along the interior ventilation; when autumn begins, colonies of these small black monsters may already be growing inside your home – and you could be breathing them in.

When temperatures start dropping, mold starts growing – fast

There’s a common belief that mold dies in extreme cold, but that’s not necessarily true. These spores, like those zombies in “The Walking Dead,” are not easily eliminated. Usually, they will grow dormant until the right time comes for them to spring back to life and cause havoc again.

Since most windows and doors are closed to keep the warmth inside the house during early and late autumn, precipitation forms on indoor surfaces. If your ventilation system isn’t maintained, this could also exacerbate the spread of mold.

Maintenance improves energy and HVAC efficiency

When your air ducts are saturated with dust and other debris, your HVAC system will have to work twice as hard to maintain the desired temperature of your thermostat. This can become a huge issue during winter, when homeowners need to keep their families warm.

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